Slow Going

The '34 has been moving along slowly. Very slowly. After being under the weather for a month, the weekend of july 4th, the dewalt drill decided to pick a fight with me. I was the looser but my parting gift was a broken pinky and 4 th bone in my hand. Thanks drill!!

Had surgery on the pinky a few weeks ago and physical therapy starts soon.

I have a rant about a Griffin radiator I bought and returned, not without drama. But that story will wait until the new radiator from another company is ready. Fingers crossed on tbat one!!

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New Panhard Bracket and Midplate Installed

Last weekend I remade the panhard bracket. The one I had in there was just temp to move the car. Obviously the rearend is back in its centered place as well. I ordered some Varishocks for the rear a while back so installing the lower mounts for those and redoing my rear cross member is next on the list. A few weekends back the midplate was cut out and installed. So with that in, the front motor mounts are ready to be made as well. I keep changing my mind on the design and keep making new templates. Its a really tight fit with the steering box. That is ready to be tacked in as well, just short on a few bolts.
It will be nice to get the rear four link tacked in but I need to final weld the chassis tubing first or it will be harder to get to. Its gonna be tricky the way it is already.

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Front Panhard In

Took me a day, but the front panhard is in. Had to extend the bracket about a quarter of an inch so that took some time.
Worked on redoing the transmission mount today so it will clear the gear vendors. Just cleaned it up and cut the last piece out that was already in the car from before. I have to turn it backwards but then the whole piece will move forward a bit on the frame so a little grinding and lots of fitting. 

Got to use my new super small DA that lovely Brandon got me for Christmas. It is my new favorite tool and I just wanted to weld and grind all day!

The sides had to be different so the bracket could tilt a little to one side to clear the front spring.

A nicely done bracket.

Close call with the cutting disc. Whew!

Panhard bracket ready to tack in!

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Disc Brakes: 2 Stories


Broken torque wrench
No torx sockets
One wrong bolt in kit
Call company
Wait for new bolt to be delivered
Buy new torque wrench
Buy torx sockets
Broke torx socket
Buy another torx socket
Buy brake grease specifically for disc brakes
Pack bearings by hand because bearing packer full of general wheel grease
Assemble disc brakes
Wheel studs too short for rims/lug nuts
Call two places, no longer wheel studs like in kit
Go to western tire, no wheel studs but longer lug nuts, perfect
Final install, pry wilwood name off dust cap

Completion time: 2 weeks

Matt Proctor-
"It went together easy, its no problem!"

Completion time : 2 hours

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Gear Vendors Bolted On and The Chop Continues

This weekend was a full '34 need love weekend. All day Saturday was spent introducing acid to some '34 parts that needs a little derusting from the HB ocean air. I'll be doing the frame and some of the body again too. It's nice to live in Burbank where parts don't rust as fast, but I'm sure this won't be the last time I'll have to clean everything as it wasn't the first.

Sunday was a busy day where I attempted to install the front disc brakes, but came across a couple of snags that a bolt Wilwood sent in the packaging was wrong. Called them this morning and they are shipping it right out with no drama. Whew! Thanks to that as I want to buy some other Wilwood parts and knowing that their customer service is honorable will get my repeat business.  My torque wrench decided to stop working so that will be sorted with Sears this week. Giving up on all of that, I bolted on the Gear Vendors instead and finally opened all the boxes they had sent. The electronics look confusing. I feel like I'm going to have to find someone that can install the electronics blind so there won't be any worries.

Brandon was busy getting the passenger door frame sorted. He cut it a different way than the driver's side this time, which he was really pleased with because it make everything line up nicely, which means less work for him.
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Need Some Metalwork Done? Go To The Best...

If you need anything chopped, rust repair, lead work, panel replacement or anything custom...Brandon Winters is your man.  He has done numerous cars for Circle City Hot Rods, been in Rod & Custom and Rodder's Journal, and oh yeah, my chop n the '34. 

Give him a call and he can show you some of his amazing work in his portfolio.

Website coming soon!!!

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The Coupe Is Coming Home This Weekend!

Brandon has been busting his butt getting the '34 good enough to come home. There are still some small things he will do later, but I'm anxious to get it home and start getting the engine, trans, rear end all in. Also, it will be super super fun to work together in my garage. The GNRS was last weekend and that always gets me motivated to get going on this coupe. It's getting towed back up here Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it!

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34 progress photos v3

The b pillars are getting installed. The coupe will be home in my garage soon!!
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34 Chop Progress v2

Brandon did an amazing job on the rear window shape. He's been spending a lot of time getting everything perfect and it shows. He's on the quarter windows right now and will start getting the pillars put back in this next week. It's getting more and more exciting!!

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34 Coupe Chop Progress v1

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